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Beetroot Creme Brulee

Who We Are

An urban oasis in Kensington High Street, offering open-fire, modern Mediterranean tapas dishes, explorative wines by the glass, cheeky cocktails & a vibrant, cosy atmosphere.

Come to indulge with us....


Octopus & cauliflawer puree
Raspberry coated chocolate


Private dining space

Our first floor can host up to 40 seating people with an amazing arcade window facing High Street Kensington and a private bar

Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

The menu we've created encourages you to explore a large array of open flame cooking style tapas dishes with a modern twist, from North Africa through the middle east and all the way the way up to Turkey

Sea bass & pistachio
Sweet potato & goat cheese

From the Press

Jay Rayner - The Guardian

‘Food that demands you have a good time’

Amanda David -

‘I’m a girl of simple pleasures, and this one goes straight on the list.’
Watermellon & feta salad
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