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Pascor (Latin)'Verb' feed oneself; to eat

2. to graze, feed,  pasture, browse; traverse, roam the pastures

3. to eat up, consume, devour

4. (figuratively) to feast, nourish, satisfy, gratify, delight, enjoy oneself.

Meaning: 'to indulge' - Latin


Pascor was designed out of the thought that everyone deserves to celebrate life, not only on special occasions. The menu we've created encourages you to explore a large array of open flame cooking style tapas dishes with a modern twist, from North Africa through the middle east and all the way the way up to Turkey, or in the words of the wise and funky Jamiroqui:


"I know all we're doing is traveling, without moving....whoa yeah!"


We all know celebration calls for a drink...

 Our great explorative wines by the glass (and bottle), are selected specifically by our executive chef Tomer Amedi to make sure each wine matches the cuisine, spirit and flavours of  your journey. The cocktails have been crafted  with a wink, taking classics and incorporating levantine ingredients such as orange blossom water , verbena, coriander seeds, sumac and tamarind, merging east and west, past and future.

And yes, we make sure not to forget our non alcoholic friends - how does a Sumacmopolitan sound to you? 


We wanted to create an urban oasis from the daily life for Kensingtonians to enjoy, right on their doorstep. So let's dim the lights, light up some candles & surrender to the musical vibes. Let us take care of you with warmth and a smile, allowing you to... Pascor. 

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